"The HKM - Story"

HKM was founded by Wolfgang Meindl in 1999. He has experience in development and production from products in the range of acoustics over 30 years. Since 2016, the company is managed by son Sebastian Meindl.

The facilities:
HKM, as a bavarian company, is located in Gundelfingen, a small town in the vicinity of Augsburg and Ulm, between Munich and Stuttgart.
It includes office, laboratories and a warehouse.
HKM industrial speaker units are being produced at production facilities in far east.

The R D labs:
All HKM products are developed inhouse. Herefore HKM has well equipped state of art electronic and accoustic labratories and 2 anechoic chambers.

The stock:
HKM is currently able to deliver all standart products from stock. The warehouse in Gundelfingen includes also a quality control department.

Also we are proud to be a certificated enterprise. Every employee do his or her best to be ISO 9001 - certificated and also the modern equipment - Hard- and Software - guarantees innovation, highest quality and individuality for the costumers of HKM.

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Corporate Philosophy:  "Our success is depending on our customers satisfaction"

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